When you watch a movie, you cannot help, but wander about certain things. How did this happen? Why is he or she there? What was with this certain character? To answer some of these questions, movie fans will come up with some very interesting (or out right crazy) theories to explain things. I’ve highlighted a few before, but there are so many I couldn’t help myself with another list. Check out Part 1 and Part 2!

Number 7- Han Solo Dreams Of Indy

When Han Solo was frozen in Carbonite in Star Wars Episode V The Empire Strikes Back, people wondered what went through his mind. Perhaps a clue lies with the Indiana Jones trilogy. Throughout the original three films of Indiana Jones, there are several Star Wars references including one to Carbonite. Perhaps the Indiana Jones trilogy was just Han’s dream all along. 

Number 6- Blade Runner and Aliens

We all know that the Predator and Aliens film series share the same universe, but what about Blade Runner? Because of similar vehicles and just overall feel of the films, some fans theorize that Blade Runner takes place on Earth while Aliens takes place in space. Now, Blade Runner takes a few years prior, but it could be a prequel. 

Number 5- Amity Island Is Shark Infested

In Jaws, when the first victim was found, the mayor makes a vague reference to other victims. This has led some fans to believe that Jaws is not the first shark to attack the peaceful seaside city. That is why the mayor was excited to find the tiger shark and blame it as the vicious predator. 

Number 4- Joker was a veteran

In The Dark Knight, the Joker’s origin is pretty much unknown. He just kind of appears and starts to wreck chaos on Gotham City. Even Batman, at first, seemed unable to stop him. Some have theorized that Joker was a war veteran, perhaps someone in special ops. He may have been disavowed or captured, leading to his formation as the Joker. That is why he is so strategic and has knowledge of arms and explosives. Pretty interesting. 

Number 3- Mary Poppins is a Time Lord

Mary Poppins can fly, talk to her umbrella, pull things out of her bag, and even jump into paintings for some amazing adventures. Some fans have speculated that Mary Poppins is a Time Lord similar to Doctor Who. Her umbrella and/or bag is her TARTUS and when she jumps into the paintings, she is bending time. This is a very whimsical theory. 

Number 2- Sid the Garbage Man

This one has a lot going for it. Some say that Sid from Toy Story is the garbage man in Toy Story 3. They wear the same shirt and it would seem that perhaps he is secretly helping toys after seeing them come to life in the first film. While the latter might be a stretch, it is not inconceivable. 

Number 1- Fake Joker

Even though Suicide Squad is not even out yet, theories are already building from the trailer alone. One of the most popular is the Joker shown in the trailer is in fact Jason Todd aka the second Robin. In the comics, Todd is killed by the Joker, but comes back with magic and becomes the Red Hood. However, in the Batman v. Superman Dawn of Justice trailer, Robin’s costume is shown with bullet holes in the same places as the Joker’s body in Suicide Squad. Interesting theory? Not really. 

Those some of my favorite fan film theories. Do you have any of your own? Leave some in the comment section below and don’t forget to subscribe!

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