Plots TV Shows Left Unresolved Part 2

01 plots tv-shows left unresolved p2

Remember our favorite shows? Some ended happily, some on cliffhangers, and others you were like what? However, this is not a post about endings. This is a post about how during a show, they will create a character or plot, but then seemingly abandon it without any explanation. Check out Part 1 and enjoy: Plots TV Shows Left Unresolved Part 2. 

01 mayor stars hollow gilmore girls

Mayor of Stars Hollow?– Everyone that watches Gilmore Girls knows that Taylor Doose is Stars Hollow malevolent dictator selectman. However, true fans know that the town had a mayor who had known Loralei Gilmore’s love interest Luke since he was a child. He was Mayor Harry Porter (played by veteran actor David Huddleston). Obviously, getting a well-known actor to play such an important role in the town mattered, but he disappeared after two appearances without explanation. 

02 Star Trek Voyager Dragon's Teeth Revenge of the Vaadwaur– In Star Trek: Voyager, the crew awakens a species that has been put into stasis. The species had used subspace tunnels to conquer many planets. After discovering these aliens were dangerous, the crew engages in a battle with several of the enemy ships escaping. Captain Janeway remarks that Voyager hasn’t seen the last of the Vaadwaur, but they did. If you’re familiar with the finale, you know Voyager concludes without another meeting with the strange aliens. 

03 Koh avatar

Koh– When Aang in Avatar: The Last Airbender, goes into the spirit world, he meets Koh the Face Stealer, an old enemy of a previous Avatar. After getting the info he needs, Koh declares that they’ll meet again, but alas, it was not to be since The Legend of Korra came about. Though Koh appears as a villain in a video game, he’s never brought up in the show again. 

01 Fresh prince of Bel-air jackie

The Disappearance of Jackie Ames– Tyra Banks guest starred as Jackie Ames in a story arc on The Fresh of Bel-Air where she played the main character Will’s love interest. She leaves Will and gets a new boyfriend that Will challenges to a drinking game. Disgusted by both men, she leaves with Carlton. However, she is never seen, heard from, or mentioned ever again despite being a main character for a time. 

star trek the next generation conspiracy

The Homing Beacon in the Alpha Quadrant– In Star Trek: The Next Generation episode Conspiracy, Captain Picard is warned of a growing conspiracy within Starfleet. It turns out, a parasitic life-form is controlling certain people to conquer the Alpha Quadrant. Captain Picard and Commander Riker kill the mother creature and the parasites die. However, one of the creatures used its host to send out a homing beacon. However, this event is never mentioned again. Though a novel was written, the arc was completely abandoned in the series. 

Those are my favorite abandoned plot-lines. What’re yours? Mention them in a comment and you might see it in a future list. Don’t forget to subscribe for more articles like this one!

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