My Top 10 Soundwave Forms In Transformers

No Transformer has sent chills down the spines kids who watched Saturday morning cartoons more than the Decepticon communication officer Soundwave. He’s a vicious warrior who is cold, calculating, and loyal, though not to a fault. There have been several iterations of the character right along with his forms. Here are my My Top 10 Soundwave Forms In Transformers:

10. Generation 2

TF Wiki

Based on his original Marvel Comics appearance, he has a yellow color-scheme and a mouth and transforms into a car. This version would be revealed to be a clone made by a Decepticon general.

09. Machine Wars

TF Wiki

Though this toyline would be criticized, this version of Soundwave as a missile truck is one of the coolest in the series. This form would appear in different comic book stories.

08. Soundblaster

TF Wiki

Soundwave died during the Headmasters anime sequel to the Transformers’ 80s series, but Galvatron had him resurrected, taking the name of Soundblaster.

07. The Silent

TF Wiki

Soundwave was not only Megatron’s communication officer but a cunning tactician who could open Space Bridges allowing the Decepticons to move on Earth freely. He was silent and would playback recordings to “speak” to his fellow Decepticons. He would be captured by the Autobots and defiantly declare, “Soundwave superior, Autobots inferior!”

06. Shattered Glass

TF Wiki

This heroic version of Soundwave would often do battle against the evil Autobots and their sadistic leader Optimus Prime.

05. Videogame

TF Wiki

In the “War For Cybertron” videogame, Soundwave is a cruel watchdog who proudly works for Megatron and serves him, trying to prevent the Autobots from launching the Ark.

04. The Movies

TF Wiki

The Michael Bay films featured Soundwave where he first appears as a satellite and later as a car. He helped the Decepticons recreate Megatron and would later help his master while he was recovering from a face-wound.

03. Neo Forge

TF Wiki

To battle the “B-Team” in the Transformers: Robots In Disguise animated series, Soundwave gives himself an upgrade and proves to be a match to the entire Autobot team.

02. Dreamwave Prequels

TF Wiki

The Transformers: The War Within series shows Soundwave in the time before the Autobots and Decepticons head to Earth. They are assigned to hunt down Optimus Prime.

01. Generation One

TF Wiki

When it comes to this cold and cunning Decepticons, the OG version is clearly the best. Soundwave was one of the few that Megatron trusted implicitly from the first season and to the “Rebirth.”

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