Plots TV Shows Left Unresolved Part 1

01 Plots TV shows left unresolved p1

We all have our favorite television shows that we tune into everyday. We love to watch how the characters grow and learn, but sometimes a plot is left dangling. We wonder what will happen only to find the show ends without being resolved.

Here are Plots TV Shows Left Unresolved Part 1

star trek Dyso sphere

The Dyson Sphere in the Alpha Quadrant– Trekkies know about the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode Relics. It features a Dyson Sphere with a livable atmosphere inside. Though the crew eventually has to escape from it, Captain Picard mentions that they will return. However, the presumed story-line is left completely dangling and is never referenced at all. Though a novel was written to conclude the plot, the television show never mentions it again. 

boy meets world nebula

Topanga’s SisterBoy Meets World was known for tossing out characters when they became useless. Such was the case Topanga’s older sister Nebula after the Season 1 episode She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not. Afterward, it takes the cake as they just simply pretended she did not exist. Topanga was later shown to be an only child when her parents went through their divorce and the older sister Nebula is never mentioned again. Of course, you could write a book about how many plot-holes and inconsistencies there are in Boy Meets World. 

Heroes Peter Caitlin

The Mystery of Caitlin in the FutureHeroes became a hot mess after Season 2 thanks to a Writer’s Guild Strike. The writers began to openly mock fans and kill off characters just to show they had power. One of the most peculiar was Peter Petrelli’s girlfriend Caitlin whom he is forced to leave in an apocalyptic future in the episode Out Of Time. After the season finale, she is never mentioned or seen again. Peter does not even show any grief over losing her. Very strange. 

river tam Serenity Firefly summer glau

River Tam and Colony Miranda– After Firefly ended in a cliffhanger, Joss Whedon closed the story-lines with Serenity. Though it was a cool film and series, one thing was left unresolved: we knew character River Tam was sent to train as an assassin, but why did they tell her about Colony Miranda (where the cannibalistic Reevers were created) in the first place? We learn that was why the government was after her, but why tell her or her fellow trained assassins? No explanation is ever given. 

Fowley_and_Scully x-files

Agent Diana Fowley, MIA– In X-Files, Agent Fowley was said to be an old flame of Fox Mulder’s and had her first appearance in the Season Five episode The End. It was obvious she worked for Cancer Man and the Syndicate. Clearly a story-line was building, however, she simply disappeared with a vague reference to her being found murdered in her apartment. There is no other mention of her or her role in the series. 

These are some of my favorite plots dangling. What’re some of yours? Mention them in the comments below and you might see them in another list. Be sure to click subscribe!

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