Graphic Novel Review- Damian, Son of Batman

Damian Son of Batman

After the DC Comics relaunched with the New 52, it brought in a whole new cast and characters that changed the landscape of their plots. Damian Wayne has become the new Robin after Tim Drake became Red Robin and the leader of the Teen Titans. Comic book writer Grant Morrison and illustrator Andy Kubert give us a look at Damian Wayne as he takes on the mantle of the Batman in a future that could have been.

After an incident at the Gotham City docks, Dick Grayson, who has become the Batman, is killed in action by thugs working for a gang leaders masquerading as The Joker. Damian Wayne, feeling guilty after this death, becomes a brutal Batman exacting bloody vengeance on the criminal underworld.

Bruce Wayne tries to stop his son from his rampage, but father and son get into an altercation, where Damian nearly kills his Dad. This forces him to put being The Dark Knight into perspective as he hunts The Fake Joker in an attempt to redeem himself and the Batman.

This is an interesting Elseworld (though I’m not sure if officially part of that series). It takes a different version of the passing of the cowl and gives us scenario where a son, not trained by his father, is forced to where the mask. Hubert and Morrison do an outstanding job bringing us this tale. The artwork and the writing flow well together in this incredible tale of a son trying to live up to the image of his father.

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