Graphic Novel Review- Batman Black And White Volume 1

DC Comics editor Mark Chiarello brought Batman Black And White to life in 1996. The stories are all self-contained and feature a rotating group of writers and illustrators to tell these miniature tales of the Dark Knight.

Since it is set-up to tell about short stories of the Dark Knight, I cannot put in a synopsis. I will say that my two favorite stories are “Two Of A Kind” written and Illustrated by Bruce Timm. In this short, Two-Face is cured thanks to a scientist who has an evil twin. Though it sounds basic, it is a good character story of Harvey Dent’s connection to his evil alter-ego. The second is “The Devil’s Children,” written by Chuck Dixon with art by Jorge Zaffino. In this story, Batman investigates some gangland lawyer. These are the best of the batch.

My least favorite story is “Bent Twigs” written and drawn by Bill Sienkiewicz. In this story, Batman confronts an emotionally abusive father over his treatment of his son. While the story is good in concept, there is way too much dialogue with the Dark Knight waxing philosophy with the father got somewhat long and boring.

Overall, the graphic novel collection is a masterstroke and I highly recommend you get that edition. It has the illustrations, sketches, and bonus artwork including on from Alex Ross. Plus, the cover art by Jim Lee is impressive.

The collection has a series of talented creators including Klaus Janson, Andrew Helfer, Tanino Liberatore, Ted McKeever, Howard Chaykin, Archie Goodwin, José Antonio Muñoz, Walter Simonson, Jan Strnad, Richard Corben, Neil Gaiman, Simon Bisley, Matt Wagner, Dennis O’Neil, Teddy Kristiansen, Brian Bolland, Archie Goodwin, Gary Gianni, Brian Stelfreeze, Archie Goodwin, and Gary Gianni.

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