‘Naruto: Kakashi’s Story’ Light Novel Highlight

Kakashi’s Story: Lightning in the Icy Sky‘ is a light novel created by Masashi Kishimoto and written by Akira Higashiyama. It is the first entry of the “Naruto Secret Chronicles” for Shueisha Inc. Viz Media produced an English translation from Jocelyne Allen.

From the GoodReads synopsis,

“A year has passed since the Fourth Great Ninja War, and Kakashi’s appointment as Hokage looms. But first he heads to the Land of Waves for a dangerous mission rescuing hostages from a top-secret airship. There he confronts a ninja whose heart is frozen by tragedy.

Having lost both his friend’s eye and his greatest abilities, can Kakashi protect anyone from his coldhearted foe? What is the true meaning of the Will of Fire gained in the distant heavens? Kakashi finds these answers and more as he enters a new ninja era.”

Kakashi is one of the best characters to come from the Naruto franchise. He would serve as one of the most powerful ninjas in the Village Hidden in the Leaves and eventually become the leader or Hokage of the village. This story takes place between the end of the Fourth War and the finale of the show and it was sort of like reading an episode of the anime. It did not bring anything new to the franchise necessarily, but I am glad it focused on such a great character and making his last mission before becoming the leader. I thought it was well-done and enjoyable.

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