Happy 2 Year Anniversary!

My wedding 100

My wife and I are so happy together. I cannot begin to tell you how much. 

When we announced our engagement, so many people who thought they knew everything would tell us that we were too young (or tell her I was too old), that life would be hard, love is this and that, we should got to college, yada-yada. 

We got married and it was the best decision I ever made!

Now, I will not sit here and lie by saying that our life has been perfect. We have had a few bad days and there have been times when neither of us want to “adult.”

However, after seeing what we have gone through, we learned from it. It made us both a little bit wiser. 

The two years we have been together have been so wonderful. Despite the bad days, there have been so many more good days. Sometimes, a bad day turns into a good day just because we are together. It might be true that me and my wife started our journey together with a little bit of naiveté.

So what? 

We are on a path together. We will walk it wherever God leads us. That is what we want, to go forward. There will be some stormy waters, but there will be many more clear skies. 

Happy Anniversary to my wonderful wife!

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