top7 part2

When you watch a movie, you cannot help, but wander about certain things. How did this happen? Why is he or she there? What was with this certain character? To answer some of these questions, movie fans will come up with some very interesting (or out right crazy) theories to explain things. I’ve covered others in a previous post.

Here is Part 2 of my list of Top 7 Interesting Movie Fan Theories:

Number 7- Elsa, Anna, and…Tarzan?

Thanks to a vague, but intriguing post from some of the people behind the hit Disney film Frozen, some have speculated that the traditionally animated film Tarzan is connected to Elsa’s story. Because of the similarities of the ship at the beginning of both films, some have theorized that Tarzan’s parents are Anna and Elsa’s long lost parents who got stranded in Africa. While the Disney movies definitely have some sort of connection, this one could be a clue as to how. 

Number 6- Mistaken Identity in Batman

In Tim Burton’s Batman, the Joker says the infamous, “Have you ever danced with the devil in the pale moonlight,” before shooting Bruce Wayne. It causes Bruce to remember a young Jack Knapier (the Joker’s alter ego) as the killer of his parents. Some fans have theorized that it was Joe Chill who killed them, but Batman pushes the blame of his parent’s murder onto every supervillain he encounters. Pretty dark stuff, but I wouldn’t put it past Tim Burton. 

Number 5- Rapunzel and Snow White

Because of the similarities between the Evil Queen in Snow White and Tangled‘s Mother Gothel, some say they are one in the same. The fall in Snow White didn’t kill her, but caused her to get stuck in her old age. That led her to kidnap Rapunzel and use her magical hair to keep her young and beautiful. All that is missing is: who’s the fairest of them all?

Number 4- Thor, not really a founding Avenger?

In the hit movie Marvel’s The Avengers, Thor appears out of nowhere with Loki observing, “How much dark magic did the Allfather have to summon to conjure you here?” Hmm, conjuring, not teleporting or even sending? This has led to a theory that the Thor in The Avengers is in fact an illusion or a magical clone sent by Odin in his son’s place. That is also why he doesn’t seek out Jane Foster. Whether true or not, it is interesting to consider. 

Number 3- Peter Pan, angel of death

Even before Disney’s hit animated film Peter Pan, theories about author’s J.M. Barries’ inspiration have spawned several films and unofficial sequels. One theory is that Peter Pan in the angel of death, taking children’s spirits to Heaven. That is why they never grow up. The ones who aren’t ready to die, are returned, while the others, the “Lost Boys” stay young forever. 

Number 2- Avatar Brainwashing

In James Cameron’s overhyped, overbloated, remake of Fern Gulley: The Last Rainforest, has anti-American sentiments throughout the film, but maybe there was more to it than that. After protagonist Jake has an affair with the blue-skinned alien princess, he connects to their Mother Tree. Perhaps, the Mother Tree brainwashed him. That is why he did not tell the weird cat-people that all the company wanted was the ore. If he had asked, they might have listened and been willing to trade.

Number 1- Serenity with Aliens?

Joss Whedon got gipped when it came to Firefly’s cancellation. Fans have been agonizing and begging for a sequel for awhile. Perhaps they had one all along. One theory suggest that Firefly and its film Serenity may take place after the Alien film franchise. This is because in one episode, the logo for Weyland-Yutani, the company in Alien, can be clearly seen. Maybe there was more to the films after all. 

What do you think of this list? Ddi I miss any of your favorite theories? Feel free to comment and you might see it on a future post. Thank you for reading!


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