Christian Inspiration: Dangerous Eschatology

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There is a peculiar trend in Christianity. It is to deny that our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ is not returning for us, but instead that the world will turn into a utopia and then, and only then, will the Kingdom of God come to Earth.

It denies the existence of the Rapture, the Anti-Christ, the Mark of the Beast, and even tries to make the case that when Jesus mentions “in the days of Noah,” He was not speaking of the End Times, but of some random time in Roman history. 

This is a dangerous eschatology (or End Times Theology) that is not founded in scripture. It produces lazy Christians who will not be prepared for the tribulation that is already upon us. It teaches a “go with the flow” kind of End Times that will only lead us to become complacent with the world instead of teaching the truth of the Bible. 

Proponents of this so-called “Partial Preterism (people who think the End Times are already upon us)” quote “modern scholars” not the Bible and use a vague interpretation of scripture while trying to justify it by quoting Greek headings. 

I covered some of these points in my book review for Victorious Eschatology

I will delve more into points, specifically on their unfounded attacks on The Rapture in further detail in later articles. 

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