Top 7 Interesting Movie Fan Theories Part 1

Movie fan theories

Movie fan theories

When you watch a movie, you cannot help, but wander about certain things. How did this happen? Why is he or she there? What was with this certain character? To answer some of these questions, movie fans will come up with some very interesting (or out right crazy) theories to explain things. Here is my list of Top 7 Interesting Movie Fan Theories:

Number 7- Frozen Curse 

In Disney’s Frozen, nothing shocked fans more when Anna, sister to Elsa, did not really find true love till the end. Her supposed true love Hans, thought to be a dashing prince, was just faking so he could marry into the family and take over their kingdom. However, some fans could not deal with this twist. Some have speculated that Hans was actually cursed by the Rock Trolls during their musical number Fixer Upper, when the Trolls declared that they must “get the fiance out of the way” they were casting a spell on Hans to turn him evil. No evidence exists of this, but it could explain a lot. 

Number 6- James Bond, Code name

Some view that James Bond is not in fact the same person played by different actors, but James Bond is in fact a code name for various 007 agents. That is to explain why he is unafraid to use the same offer his real name, and why some recurring villains (such as Blofield in On Her Majesty’s Secret Service) do not recognize a different Bond. Some have even said that Sean Connery’s character in The Rock is the earlier James Bond captured. However, this directly contradicts Diamonds Are Forever, For Your Eyes Only, and License To Kill where James Bond’s ill fated bride is referenced several times as a continuity link. In the rebooted series, they made sure to confirm Bond is his real name in Skyfall.

Number 5- Indy and the Fridge

After the disastrous Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, some fans theorized that the whole movie is Indy’s hallucinations brought on by radiation poison from the Atomic Bomb he was trying to escape when he entered the refrigerator. That might explain why the movie was so poor. I mean, aliens, seriously?

Number 4- Inception’s Ring

One of the most likely of all fan theories, this one postulates that Cobb’s dream totem is not his wife’s top as he said. It is his wedding ring in fact. Many notice that he is wearing it in the dream world, not in the real world. It could explain why he is breaking his own rule of using a different person’s totem. 

Number 3- Lord of the Rings: Eagle’s Run

A persistent question for Ringers (Lord of the Rings fans) is why didn’t Gandalf just fly the Fellowship and the One Ring on the backs of Eagles. (Of course, they forget about the flying Nazghul.) Some have theorized that was his plan all along, he just had to get past the mountain range and away from Saruman’s spies. That’s why he said, “Fly you fools,” before falling into the pit with the Balrog. He was alerting them to nearby eagles, but the Fellowship, stricken by grief, did not get the hint. 

Number 2- Agent Smith is the Matrix’s One

In the Matrix, if you read the prophecy literally, Neo does not quite fit the bill. In fact, the Oracle claims he is not the One in the first film. However, Agent Smith, if the prophecy read literally fits it to a great degree. In fact, when he assimilates Neo, that is when a balance is created between the Machines and Zion. I find this one very interesting.

Number 1- The boy who knew Bruce Wayne was the Dark Knight

This is one that I actually agree with. Robin John Blake from The Dark Knight Rises is the boy on the narrows rooftop in Batman Begins. When he tells Bruce he figured out he was Batman because he recognized the facade, he was just trying to make himself sound smart. He was actually the young kid who heard Rachel Dawes blurt out, “Bruce,” just before Batman goes to stop Ra’s al Ghul from destroying Wayne Tower in the first of Christopher Nolan’s films. That would make a better explanation on why he’s a an orphan, his parents driven to madness by the Scarecrow. 

I hope you liked my list and don’t worry, this is just part one of many because there are pretty interesting theories out there. Some are so out there, you would not believe and they will be coming your way soon. If you have any ideas on interesting fan theories, feel free to comment and maybe you will see it on another list!


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