Christian Inspiration: Christian Shaming

Christian CrossI remember a time when liberals and so-called progressives waited at least a week before they started their grandstanding over a tragedy. Now, they do not even pretend to care for anything, but their agenda.

Yesterday, after the shooting, liberals and progressives were already calling for the disarming of law abiding United States citizens, claiming that these tragedies do not happen in other countries. They are of course lying through their teeth. They go after the Second Amendment to our Bill of Rights like it is a problem in this country, when these tragedies happen in states where they have harsh gun control. Unreal.

This time though, the mainstream media found a new villain: Christians. As Christians and Conservatives tweeted about being in prayer for the victims, the liberal media attacked full force with front page stories about how action is needed, not prayer. Many liberal celebrities and politicians began jumping on the bandwagon. 

I am writing this not to make a political statement, but to implore to my fellow Christians:

Stand up for your faith in Jesus Christ!

It is time to cease heresy hunting and using strawman enemies (like the word religion) and get on our knees in prayer and turn back to the Bible. It is happening right in front of us and it will continue to happen as long as we argue over petty differences.

They attack our faith and we are letting it happen. It is time for Catholics, Protestants, and Pentecostals to stand together and declare, “Jesus is the Savior!” Let us cease witch-hunting each other because one person believes in miracles, or tongues, or that the Rapture does not exist. (It does, by the way).

I am calling on Christians in America to stop the Christian Shaming we do to each other and begin to stand with one voice. Let us humble ourselves and pray, but also take a stand.




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