Movies The Critics Got Wrong Part 2

I am a harsh critic of, well, movie critics. They give good reviews to the filmmakers who their drinking buddies, while they show disdain for anyone who think outside the box. They have gotten films wrong before and they will continue to get movies wrong. Click here to read Part 1. Here is another list of film that the critics got wrong.

Titanic– James Cameron’s historical epic is not so epic. It is a boring love story that is utterly pointless. Not only does it get several historical facts, Cameron continually puts it in theaters for “special releases” to inflate its ticket sales.

Forrest Gump- This charming film starring Tom Hanks was criticized by the movie critics. They did not like the innocent Gump was unchanged by the trauma he saw during his life.

Groundhog’s Day– This comedy classic starring Bill Murray was savaged by the critics. Robert Ebert was man enough to apologize for the film’s treatment.

The Shining– This horror film was directed by Stanley Kubrick and based on the novel by Stephen King. Mr. King hated the film and the critics obliged him. Now it is considered one of the greatest thrillers of all time.

Psycho– This classic from director Alfred Hitchcock got a poor rating. Not because of anything wrong with the movie, but because Hitchcock did not market it the way they thought he should.

Ben-Hur– William Wyler’s masterpiece is based on the novel by General Lew Wallace. Though even the Academy Awards honored the film, several movie critics called it drivel, but it is one of the greatest films ever made.

Big– Critics were laughing at the film, not with it. They saw it as an overdone plot (a boy turning into man). As a result, they largely ignored it. However, it was well received at the box office.

It’s A Wonderful Life– This is a masterpiece by Frank Capra. The critics saw it as drivel. It failed at the box office and even its copyright lapsed. When it began airing on television, audiences loved it.

Lawrence Of Arabia– This is one that the critics praised, but it is drivel. It is a long, boring melodrama about a British officer who served in the Middle East. The film is a snoozer all the way through, but it swept the Academy Awards and the critics off their feet.

Equilibrium– The critics called it a knock-off of The Matrix, though it is more like 1984. It is an incredible film that shows the need for human emotion and the rebellion of the human mind against “Big Brother.”

Those are my picks. Did I miss any of yours? Comment below and let me know. Be sure to like and share this article. Don’t forget to subscribe for more entertainment and pop culture posts.

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