Top 11 Bro-Sis List


So, today is my little sister’s birthday! She and I were allies growing up though our relationship was far from perfect, the two of us had a strong sibling bond from the day she was born. To this day, we always can count on the fact that we have the other’s back and vice versa. 

In celebration, I’m listing the Top 11 things that Brothers & Sisters Get: 

  1. The Double Standard– Brother or sister can zing or rough up the other no problem, but an outsider (sometimes even a parent) does it to them, the gloves come off. Guilty parties beware! I once made a guy mess himself because he made my sister cry. 
  2. The Secret Code– Brothers and sisters seem to have a secret way of communicating. They can have whole conversations with mere looks. Science has yet to discover why or how. My sister once communicated to me through glances that she did not like something a relative was cooking. I winked an agreement. 
  3. Frenemies– Every once and a while, a friendly competition over who the favorite child develops. This escalates to sometime hilarious antics that affect how they sign cards, buy gifts, or even do chores. Our grandparents received dueling Christmas card one year, with each of us declaring who was the favorite. 
  4. Dates Beware– Each sibling has the authority (sometimes self-proclaimed) to evaluate potential dates. My sister (who is now happily married to a great guy) once brought home a dude I didn’t like. To make it clear, I sang High School Musical lyrics, something the dude hated.
  5. Movie Time– My sister and I took turns choosing the movie when the parents were out. We had rules on what one or other could or could not pick. If one was agitated at the other, we would torture each other by choosing films that were within the rules, but we knew the other one hated. 
  6. Frasier Comparisons– Though Frasier is a sitcom that features two brothers, my sister and I often zing each other with Frasier and Niles quotes. My personal favorite, “Niles, Copernicus called. You are not the center of the universe.” What? You expected Friends
  7. Who Goes First– Being a gentleman, I sometimes let my sister do things first because she is a lady. However, I am the first born. Does this give me entitlement? Not really, but sometimes I milk it for all its worth. It comes in handy at Six Flag Over Texas roller-coaster rides.
  8. Musical Education– Sometimes, we catch our siblings singing a song, and if the lyrics are off, we can’t let it go. They get a lecture. I did this to my sister once and she came back by giving a strange symbolism to a song I like. Trust me, to this day, I’ve never listened to that song. 
  9. School in PJs– My sister and I were homeschooled. We got up, had prayer time, family devotions, breakfast and then off to school, in the kitchen. My dad wanted us dressed to impress, but soon, we were used our strange sibling power to convince him to let us stay in our pajamas, at least until lunch time. 
  10. Lawyer Tag-Team– One thing to trip our parents up was we would act as the other sibling’s lawyer if they were in trouble. This didn’t happen often as we got older because our parents caught on, but we were able to get each other out of some pretty hairy predicaments.
  11. Guardians- My sister and I were the oldest of our friends, so we acted as their protectors. Aside from protecting each other, we acted like the bodyguards of our fellow homeschoolers who were too nice to defend themselves. Bullies beware! We’re coming for you!


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