I Support The #BlazeDebate


After the disastrous CNBC debate, the Republican National Committee has announced that they had discontinued their partnership with NBC News who were going to host the debate with their sister network Telemundo in February 2016. The RNC said they would continue the debate without NBC’s participation, but continue with the team from National Review who be co-hosting. 

Recently, The Blaze network offered to host the debate, offering fair and honest questions with no “gotcha” moments. The Blaze has great correspondents like Dana Loesch and Buck Sexton with excellent journalists like Amy Holmes and the recently added Tomi Lahren.  Not to mention their founder Glenn Beck is a champion of American values. His own analysis and insight would be a great voice in the debate.

I believe that The Blaze would provide an excellent debate platform for the candidates. It would be great to see Conservative pundits who would ask questions that Conservatives and Libertarians are concerned about, not what the Democratic National Committee wants the so-called journalists to ask. With all that has happened with the Mainstream Media’s (or as I call them, the lamestream media) obvious disdain for folks who support true American values, it would be a great opportunity for new media to step in.

I fully support The Blaze debate and hope the RNC agrees to it. My only reservation is, The Blaze availability is limited. Hopefully, the debate can be broadcast through YouTube, but just to be sure, call your local cable provider, Direct TV, or whoever and if they do not carry The Blaze, let them know you want it.

I want the blaze

Join the movement and tweet out that you support the #BlazeDebate.

2 thoughts on “I Support The #BlazeDebate

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