Reaction to the CNBC 2015 GOP Debate

01 your money your vote

I want to apologize, dear readers, I planned on Live Tweeting the Republican Presidential debate as it was broadcast live from CNBC. Unfortunately, folks like me who use streaming were banned because of a blackout that the network instituted. As such, I watched a recording this morning, though I missed the “undercard” debate. I took great pains not to read any analysis so that my thoughts would be unfiltered. Here they are about the “Your Money, Your Vote” debate broadcasted from the University of Colorado in Boulder.

The big winners of last night’s debates were: Florida Senator Marco Rubio, business magnate Donald Trump, and Texas Senator Ted Cruz. Neurosurgeon Dr. Ben Carson and former CEO Carly Fiorina tied for fourth place.

That being said, with the single exception of Ohio Governor John Kasich (who looked uncomfortable the whole time), all the candidates performed very well. Even Kentucky Senator Rand Paul, former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee, and New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, who have performed poorly in previous debates, made a huge comeback and resonated well with the crowd. That is because all of them found a common enemy: the moderators.

John Harwood, Carl Quintanilla, and Becky Quick of CNBC were an embarrassment to their profession last night. The debate was suppose to focus on topics like the economy, but instead the moderators found time to instead through chump bait at the candidates. They lobbed marijuana, Donald Trump’s moral fiber, and even fantasy football into the mix.

Only Florida Governor Jeb Bush took the bait against fellow Floridian Senator Marco Rubio, the latter of which handled it with grace and ease.

After that, the candidates realized what was happening, that the moderators were tossing “gotcha” questions at them and instead turned the tables on them. Even the crowd began booing the moderators for their disgraceful showboating. Only guest moderators Rick Santelli, Sharon Epperson, and Jim Cramer asked any questions of substance.

As Glenn Beck, director of The Blaze media, put it, the biggest loser of the debate was the mainstream media. No one will ever look at the media the same way again.

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