Graphic Novel Review- Batman: The Chalice

Comic book writer Chuck Dixon and artist John Van Fleet bring us ‘Batman: The Chalice,’ a DC Comics one-shot graphic novel that combines medieval legend with Gotham City mythos.

After stopping Two-Face from escaping Arkham Asylum, Batman is wounded with a bullet lodged in his leg. Not even Alfred Pennyworth’s skill are enough to remove it. While deciding what to do, Bruce Wayne receives a request to meet with the wealthy Peter de Winsleygate, a dying man who claims to have the Holy Grail. He passes it on to Wayne just before he dies, claiming it was supposed to go to Bruce’s father. Batman tries it out on his wound and soon finds that it is authentic as it heals him. However, his agent Azrael arrives to warn him that enemies are coming to claim it. Soon the Dark Knight encounters Ra’s al Ghul, Catwoman, and a dangerous cult, all who want the Chalice for themselves.

Chuck Dixon is a master storyteller. He does an excellent job of combining Arthurian legend, the hunt for the Holy Grail with Batman trying to keep it out of enemy hands. Several authors have trouble using comic book tropes to work in mythology, but not Dixon. This is the Dark Knight at his finest. It also explores faith in subtle ways and its connection to the human experience. I also want to shout out John Van Fleet. While I did find some of panels a bit dark, his skill is unmatched. He does a great job with the character designs, especially Selina Kyle and the Penguin. I also found the cover for this graphic novel to be top-notch.

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