American Patriot Section Highlight: Sam Houston


Today is the anniversary of Sam Houston becoming the first President of the Republic of Texas after successfully leading the Texan army to victory at the Battle of San Jacinto.

He would later serve as the first senator from Texas when the young nation was annexed into the United States of America and later became the governor of Texas. He was known as an outspoken critic of  the division forming in the nation. 

In fact, the famous quote attributed to President Abraham Lincoln, “A house divided against itself cannot stand,” was actually said by Sam Houston first.

He was so severe in his opposition prior to the Civil War, that he was censured and removed from office. He went on to live in Galveston during the war, refusing to fight.

He moved to Huntsville, Texas where he remained until his death. The area reminded him of his home state of Tennessee.

On his tombstone it reads:

A Brave Soldier. A Fearless Statesman.
A Great Orator—A Pure Patriot.
A Faithful Friend, A Loyal Citizen.
A Devoted Husband and Father.
A Consistent Christian—An Honest Man.

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