American Patriot Section Highlight: Casimir Pulaski

01 Casimir PulaskiCasimir Pulaski was a hero of two nations. After fighting for Poland’s freedom from Russia’s meddling in the nation, Benjamin Franklin successfully recruited the courageous commander into the Continental Army for America’s War for Independence against Great Britain. In distinguished himself in the Northern Front, where General George Washington placed him in the Calvary in July 1777. The future president said of him, “[Pulaski] was renowned throughout Europe for the courage and bravery he displayed in defense of his country’s freedom. “

He won fame on September 11th, 1777 at the Battle of Brandywine, and in the aftermath, saved the life of General George Washington by routing his struggling Calvary unit to victory.

In May 1779, he marched toward Charleston in a bid to reinforce the Southern Front and help General Benjamin Lincoln retake Savannah, Georgia, which had been taken by British forces. Though the siege of Savannah, as it was later known, failed, Commander Pulaski tried to rally his troops, but was wounded gravely. He died sometime later.

His contributions to Revolutionary War effort have been honored many times over for his heroic actions. On July 2009, Congress passed a resolution to make him a honorary citizen of the United States. President Barack Hussein Obama signed it soon after.

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