Fatshaming is NOT a victimless crime

01 fatshaming is not a victimless crime

Recently, it has become okay in the media to “fatshame,” which is basically a rude and hateful way to judge someone because of their weight. One celebrity in particular took to YouTube to prove her ignorance and declared she would do it anyway because it helps people that she thinks are fat.

This is not productive. It is mean, inconsiderate, and hurtful. One of my friends posted her feelings on her Facebook page and I thought it was very powerful and wanted to share it. Read it and be inspired by what it says. 

Touching on a sensitive subject today…
I have seen quite a few posts on social media lately that are shaming overweight people. Also known as “fatshaming”. It is a very real thing. And it is a very hurtful thing.

A book cannot be judged by a cover. What may seem as someone who is just “fat” could actually be someone who is working on bettering themselves. If you saw me on the street would you assume I am working on myself? No, you probably couldn’t. But working on myself is all that I have been doing for over a year. Others are doing the same thing because being overweight is not where we want to stay. Fatshaming makes people want to give up, because if this is what they are viewed as (even though the picture isn’t them) why should they keep going? They (myself included) will never be seen any different.

I have an amazing support system. If I stopped now I would have people knocking on my door. But some people don’t have that support system. Please help me to support overweight men and women (most pictures posted are women) by stopping the fatshaming and starting to support them right where they are.
Journey on..

It does not matter whether it is “fatshaming” or “skinnyshaming” (another crime that is not victimless), we should not shame anyone because of their body. It does nothing but promote discouragement. Instead, let’s encourage one another so we can see the beautiful heart that is in everyone.

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