I recently saw an internet meme with this message on it, “Boys have swagger, men have class.”

It got me thinking about class and the state of it. It seems today that class is considered a “maybe,” but if someone has swagger like Mick Jagger he or she is talked about like they are king or queen of the world.

However, I miss the days of class. Audrey Hepburn, Nat King Cole, Raymond Burr, Lucille Ball, Gene Kelly,  and so many others who personified what it was like to be classy. While it is true some of them had pretty rough personal lives a times, they dressed to the hilt (in a style I’m not particularly fond of, but still) and with their class they guided us to see their films.

While class seems to be endangered today, it is not all gone.

For instance, in an recent interview, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump made a very rude remark about fellow candidate Carly Fiorina’s face. When asked about it, he back peddled, claiming the reference was to her persona, not her face and at the second debate, hosted by CNN.

When asked for a response Mrs. Fiorina calmly answered that she knew what Mr. Trump meant when he made that comment. It was a very classy comeback and handled with lots of grace.

Please note, that is not an endorsement for Mrs. Fiorina, I am still weighing my options, but I thought that was a moment where she used class to turn the tables on her opponent.

On the other side of the coin, we have Charlie Sheen. After his breakdown on the set of the television series Two and Half Men, he did a multi-part interview where he gave sporadic answers to questions. He claimed to have Tiger Blood and saying he was not bi-polar, but bi-winning. He came off as out of touch and not grounded in reality. That is putting it nicely.

Now it is true that this actor was dressed in some of the coolest clothes I have ever seen. He was styling a matching outfit, complete with hat that gave off a lot of swag. However, the swag was off balance with the class.

Swag is a sign that you can possibly go with the flow, but class tells people that you are mature, grounded, and you can handle any circumstance with grace, ease, and style.

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