Graphic Novel Review- DC’s Kingdom Come

DC Kingdom come

DC Comics outdid themselves with Kingdom Come, written and drawn by Mark Waid and Alex Ross respectively. This is one incredible story that takes its inspiration from Bible’s Book of Revelations. 

Considered an ending to the Silver Age, a humble pastor is given the powers of Sandman to see the future. After this happens, the pastor sees an apocalyptic ending to the world. This becomes painfully clear when Kansas is destroyed after Captain Atom explodes. 

The pastor is visited by God’s Spirit of Wrath, the angel known as Spectre. The Spectre takes him on a journey where he sees the past, when Superman and the Justice League have given up, with the exception of Batman. 

Superman returns at the request of Wonder Woman and starts to build a new Justice League. He approaches Batman, who does not like how Superman is capturing villains without trials. Batman then starts to work with Lex Luthor to create a new Outsiders to prepare a battle with the Man of Steel.

As the pastor and Spectre look on, they see the world’s end getting closer and closer. Though the pastor begs The Spectre gets involve, the Spectre refuses, saying they can only watch as a war is brewing. 

Alex Ross is a brilliant artist who truly brings this story-line to life. It full of imagery and metaphors, but not so much that it bogs the plot down. It was interesting to see such characters as Alan Scott as Green Lantern, Jay Garrick as Flash, in their original forms. 

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