Movie Review- War Room

01 War Room

War Room is the next film from the creators of Facing the Giants, Fireproof, and Courageous.

Tony and Elizabeth Jordan, though they have everything a couple dreams about, are having problems. They are so caught in work that their marriage is falling apart and they do not really even know their talented 10-year old daughter Danielle.

Elizabeth sees what is going on, but is confused on how to stop it. She soon meets the lovely and bold widowed Miss Clara, who takes the mother under her wing and begins to mentor her on having an intimate prayer life with Jesus. As Elizabeth begins to declare God’s power over her home, she begins to see a change in her daughter and with her husband. Though trials come their way, the family faces them all from inside their prayer closet.

Blaze TV owner and bestselling author Glenn Beck called this film “one of the best faith films I have ever seen.” I would have to agree with him. Alex and Stephen Kendrick (director and producer, respectively) bring us a movie that is truly enduring. War Room keeps its message on par without being cheesy and the acting was very well done.

My only complaint about the film was Michael Junior’s role appeared to be important, but then he just kind of disappeared. Other than that, the film was very well made and not afraid to say the name of Jesus. That was what won it for me.

I am so tired of milk-toast Christian media afraid to same the name of Jesus or even God, substituting for the less offensive term “Lord.” I am so happy to find Christian filmmakers like the Kendrick Brothers and the company Pure Flix who will create films that bring glory to God.

FAVORITE QUOTE: Somebody needs to move that.

PARENTAL CONCERNS: Mild Thematic Elements


  • Priscilla Shirer as Elizabeth Jordan
  • T.C. Stallings as Tony Jordan
  • Karen Abercrombie as Miss Clara
  • Alex Kendrick as Coleman Young
  • Michael Jr. as Michael
  • Alena Pitts as Danielle Jordan
  • Beth Moore as Mandy

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