Movie Review- Batman VS. Robin

01 Batman v RobinThis direct-to-DVD film is a sequel to Son of Batman.

After a disturbing encounter with Dollmaker, Damian (as Robin) is tempted to kill him, but is beaten to the punch by Talon, an assassin for the Society of Owls. The society is a secret one that once controlled Gotham City until the Wayne family stopped them. They are planning a takeover of Gotham City and only Batman, Nightwing, and the new Robin can stop them.

However, Batman is unsure if he can trust his violent son, wondering if he will cross that line. Likewise, Robin wonders if Batman is the right parent to raise him. This leads to an epic battle between father and son, but more importantly Batman versus Robin. 

This film is very interesting. It combines the storylines Batman versus Robin with the Court of Owls. It summed up much of both which is necessary for a film, however, the gruesome opening with Dollmaker was completely unnecessary. It was also awesome to see Kevin Conroy voice Thomas Wayne. 


The finale to the comic book storyline Court of Owls ends where Talon leads an assault on Gotham City. The film condensed it to a siege on Wayne Manor and the Bat-cave. I understand that, but in the film, the entire Batman Family (Batman, Batgirl, Alfred, Red Robin, Nightwing, Robin, Bat-Wing, etc.) all have a part. It would have been cool if the film had at least kept that conclusion.


Except for the unnecessarily gruesome opening, I found that the film was really great. The cast was good, the animation superb, and with the exception above, it was all in all very well done.

PARENTAL CONCERNS: Gruesome images, language, violence


  • Jason O’Mara – Bruce Wayne / Batman
  • Stuart Allan – Damian Wayne / Robin
  • David McCallum – Alfred Pennyworth
  • Troy Baker – Court of Owls Lieutenant
  • Sean Maher – Dick Grayson / Nightwing
  • Kevin Conroy – Thomas Wayne
  • Trevor Devall – Jack
  • Robin Atkin Downes – Court of Owls Grandmaster
  • Griffin Gluck – Young Bruce Wayne
  • Grey DeLisle – Samantha Vanaver
  • Peter Onorati – Draco
  • Andrea Romano – Jill
  • Jeremy Sisto – Talon
  • “Weird Al” Yankovic – Anton Schott / The Dollmaker



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