Birthday Post: 27 Favorite Comic Book Story Lines

magazines-588346_640Continuing with my birthday trend, here’s a list of my favorite comic book story lines! (Spoiler: A lot are Batman)

  • Batman: Year One
  • Spider-Man: The Real Clone Saga
  • Superman: Red Son
  • X-Men First Class
  • Sonic The Hedgehog: The Search For Ixis Naugus
  • Batgirl: The Darkest Reflection
  • Superman: Whatever Happened To The Man Of Tomorrow
  • Batman: The Long Halloween
  • Batman: Dark Victory
  • Scarlet Spider: Nightmare In Scarlet
  • Knuckles The Echidna: The Dark Legion
  • Batman: Whatever Happened To The Caped Crusader
  • X-Men: The Dark Phoenix
  • Spider-Man: Brand New Day
  • Batman Beyond: Hush Beyond
  • Marvel’s Avengers VS. X-Men
  • Justice League: Origin
  • X-Men: The Schism
  • Batman: Gates of Gotham
  • Sonic The Hedgehog: End Game
  • Batman Inc. Volume 1
  • Marvel’s Civil War
  • Avengers: Fear Itself
  • Justice League: Throne of Atlantis
  • Avengers: The Siege
  • Wonder Woman: Blood
  • Batman: Court of Owls



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