Top 17 Rock and Roll Artist/Bands Not In The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

electric-guitar-433324_640Some of the bands and artists will surprise you. I double checked every one of them with the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee list to be sure. Some of them I double checked. I could not believe some of the names, some are just like, “Wow, seriously?” Anyway, here’s a list of rockstars and rock bands that did make it onto the inductee list.

  1. Willie Nelson- The Country Rock superstar has surprisingly not been added despite his successful career.
  2. Chicago- Though they invented a new form of rock (along with producing several hits), the band has never made the cut for the hall.
  3. The Steve Miller Band- Sorry folks! “Fly Like An Eagle” just wasn’t good enough.
  4. Jon Bon Jovi- This one really hurts me.
  5. Journey- Don’t stop believing, Journey! It’ll happen someday!
  6. Pat Benatar- Really? Seriously? Pat freakin’ Benatar???
  7. Boston- I seriously had to double check to make sure this was accurate.
  8. Tobymac- Shameless plug here. Honestly though, he does deserve a spot. Every single one of his solo albums has gone gold.
  9. Stevie Nicks- This doves needs to be flying into the Hall of Fame
  10. REO Speedwagon- This is another one that just floors me.
  11. Grand Funk Railroad- They helped create “hard rock,” yet, not an inductee.
  12. Alabama- Okay, so they are more country, but if ZZ Top can make it, so can they.
  13. Ted Nugent- He’s someone who should have been in there a long time ago. I guess also being an American patriot doesn’t help.
  14. Bryan Adams- Why is this guy not in? His name is almost synonymous with rock and even later “soft rock.”
  15. Glen Campbell- The man also had a movie career for crying out loud.
  16. .38 Special- Apparently, the Hall of Fame isn’t caught up in you.
  17.  Switchfoot- The Grammy award winning band hasn’t made the cut either.





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