Top 17 Rock and Roll Artist/Bands Not In The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

electric-guitar-433324_640Some of the bands and artists will surprise you. I double-checked every one of them with the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee list to be sure. Some of them I double-checked. I could not believe some of the names, some are just like, “Wow, seriously?” Anyway, here’s a list of rockstars and rock bands that did make it onto the inductee list.

Willie Nelson

The Country Rock superstar has surprisingly not been added despite his successful career.


Though they invented a new form of rock (along with producing several hits), the band has never made the cut for the hall.

The Steve Miller Band

Sorry folks! “Fly Like An Eagle” just wasn’t good enough.

Jon Bon Jovi

This one really hurts me. Bon Jovi has not contributed to the rock scene, but he has also made numerous appearances on television. 


Don’t stop believing, Journey! It’ll happen someday!

Pat Benatar

Really? Seriously? Pat freakin’ Benatar??? She is a musical genius. 


I seriously had to double-check to make sure this was accurate. What idiot has denied them a spot?


Shameless plug here. Honestly, though, he does deserve a spot. Every single one of his solo albums has gone gold.

Stevie Nicks

This dove needs to be flying into the Hall of Fame.

REO Speedwagon

This is another one that just floors me.

Grand Funk Railroad

They helped create “hard rock,” yet, not an inductee.


Okay, so they are more country, but if ZZ Top can make it, so can they.

Ted Nugent

He’s someone who should have been in there a long time ago. I guess also being an American patriot doesn’t help.

Bryan Adams

Why is this guy not in? His name is almost synonymous with rock and even later “soft rock.”

Glen Campbell

The man also had a movie career for crying out loud. He spread rock and country music all throughout the world.

.38 Special

Apparently, the Hall of Fame isn’t caught up in you.


The Grammy award-winning band hasn’t made the cut either.

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