Who Is Creative?

Who is creativeCreativity seems out of reach for so many people. I cannot tell you how many times I have heard someone tell me, “It is easy for you. You are a writer and an artist, but I can’t do anything creative. It’s just not in my system.”

It can seem like this is true. A person sets out to paint, and their parents would not even put it on the fridge. They wrote a poem, but no one would listen. They sang a song, but the dogs started to howl. They sewed a sweater, but it did not fit. They kept trying and trying until they eventually just gave up.

Creativity, to many, appears to be a talent that you are born with. It is a part of your brain that either develops or does not. Some live in agony and keep on trying and trying at things they continually fail at while a few come to accept this and move onto the mundane while simultaneously mourning the masterpieces that could have been. 

I believe, however, that every person is creative in some way or the other. If they have failed at being creative in one expression, I believe they should try another.

For instance, at one time, I loved painting animals. My mother still has some of my old notebooks and it is filled with less-than-perfect renderings of all kinds of mammals, of which eighty percent are wolves. All growing up, I did my best to create animal based masterpieces, but I was never very good at it, though I later pursued abstract art. I was on my way to give up, but one day, someone mentioned to me that I was good at telling stories and maybe I should try my hand at that. I soon wrote songs, which became poems, that led me to write fanfiction, and then onto other writing endeavors including ghostwriting and article writing.

From this, I began to realize that many people are creative, but have given up. Besides fine art mediums like painting, drawing, writing, music, film, sculpting, fashion, and even make-up artists, I see creativity in other things. When architects design a building, they are being creative. When inventors design something innovative, they are being creative. When computer programmers write new codes, they are being creative. When business owners raise their business from the ground up with no outside help, they are being creative.

There is no such thing as “creative people.” People are creative. Some say, “what is creativity anyway?” Creativity is the ability to think outside the box mixed with the boldness to color outside the lines. Accept constructive criticism, but do not listen to people who are critical. Create because it is in you, no matter what anyone says.

Who is creative? The answer is simple: everyone. You may try something that does not work, so be it, keep moving on until you find what drives you. Do not stop filing your ideas until you find what works for you. Everyone has something that they can do. Do not stop looking for it and never give up. Just keep creating.

One thought on “Who Is Creative?

  1. The following statement on critical people is true: “Accept constructive criticism, but do not listen to people who are critical.” There are those who are unable to be creative within their skill set so they use criticism to discredit the creativity of another. I have seen this within social organizations (e.g. – church) as well as the work environment. One has to move beyond their own pride to be able to let the criticism go.

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