Top 10 Classic Audio Adrenaline Songs

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Audio Adrenaline was a top contemporary Christian band that used pop music and hard rock to influence young Christians for the glory of God. While they have since had a revival, their classic songs written and performed before their infamous Adios album are all the stuff of 90s and early 2000s Christian music. This is my top classic Audio Adrenaline songs.

Big House– This song from Don’t Censor Me put them on the map. While not their most well known song, it is definitely one you know.

Can’t Take God Away– Also from Don’t Censor Me, this song is about belief and faith.

Worldwide– This song from the album of the same name is about taking the Gospel to the world.

Rejoice– This single is about finding out what makes people, well, rejoice.

Mighty Good Leader- From Underdog, this song covers what it is like to know that God has your back and will rescue you.

Hands And Feet– Also from Underdog, this song dares to ask if you would go where God sends you to the world.

Ocean Floor– Worldwide gives us this gem of a song that talks about how much God forgives us and how He restores us after we mess up.

I’m Not The King- This song is about give all the glory to Jesus Christ, our Lord, Savior, Friend, and King.

Some Kind Of Zombie Originally a single, this song focuses on becoming dead to the world, but alive in Christ.

Never Going To Be As Big As Jesus- This song talks about how Christ is the hero of the world and no matter how big the world thinks it is, Jesus is bigger.

You can watch the music video below:

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