Graphic Novel Review- Thor Season One

Thor Season one

Thor Season One is written by Matthew Sturges with artwork by Pepe Larraz. It is the newest in a series of graphic novels that retells and modernizes the origins of our favorite Avengers. 

Thor is offered the kingdom of Asgard and given his mighty hammer at a young age. However, after rushing into the den of Frost Giants to save his mischievous brother Loki, Thor finds it was all a ruse. Odin in his wrath banishes Thor to Earth and transforms him into the human Donald Blake, an identity created by the Fates. 

As Donald Blake, he is a surgeon. He decides to help fellow surgeon Jane Foster found a free clinic in New York City. After going to Europe to sell some property, he encounters a mysterious cane that changes him back into Thor. Meanwhile, Loki works to build an empire after discovering he is really the son of the fallen Frost Giant king. 

Loki then works to usurp Odin and become the true leader of Asgard, but Lady Syf and the Warriors Three stand in his way. He starts to dispatch them and they set off to try to find Thor knowing his mighty hammer can save Asgard. 

I enjoyed this graphic novel a great deal. However, while it included characters like the Fates and Fire Giants, it completely omits Balder the Brave and even Frigga, Queen of Asgard. They are virtually nonexistent. Other than that, I enjoyed this retelling of the Prince of Thunder’s origin very much. 

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