7 Qualities I Look For In My Heroes and Heroines

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I have several heroes and heroines. Some are living, like Golden Globe winning actor Robert Downey Jr., some are dead, like author Mary Shelley, and some I have met personally, like leadership guru John Maxwell.  Besides the ones I just listed, I have a diverse group of people I admire. There are American presidents, scientists, politicians, inventors, public speakers, activists, and many others. Some on my list are controversial figures, while others can be found on anyone’s list.

When it comes to picking your heroes and heroines, I found that it does not have to be someone who is so far out there that you could only catch a glimpse, it can be someone as close as a relative, teacher, minister, coach, and even a boss.

Throughout my life, even among my diverse list, I have found that they all have converging qualities that help make them who they are. Some of them are expressed differently, but these qualities can be seen in their daily lives and in their various endeavors.

Here are the 7 qualities I look for in my heroes:

Leadership- These men and women were are leaders in their fields and captains of industry. Some have led movements and others have came up with incredible ideas. They are people we respect who have led the charge in their chosen trades and beliefs.

Creativity- I love to see someone who can think outside the box. They can produce the unique and color outside the lines. They take conformity and burn it to the ground, writing incredible books, performing amazing scripts, singing or playing wonderful music, but most importantly they take the mundane and make it beautiful.

Pride- I am not speaking of the arrogant kind of pride. I am speaking of the kind of pride where you are proud of your work. These people are proud of their work and do not take critics too seriously. While they are open to improvement, they still believe in what they do and all that they have accomplished.

Grace- How they handle adversity is important to me. Did they whine their way through it, or did they handle it with grace? Did they act entitled, or did they handle it with poise? When I see someone who is graceful as they handle life’s hardships, I see someone who I want to learn from. I know I can glean from what they have.

Courage- Did they back away and cower, or did they take a stand? Was there stand unpopular, but they still moved forward? I look for someone to admire who is brave and is not afraid about what others think. Peter Marshall once said, “Unless we stand for something, we shall fall for anything.” I want my heroes and heroines to live courageously.

Integrity- Are they a man or woman of integrity? They do not have to perfect, but I want them to be who they say they are. Men and women who do not play a game, but who live out what they say and believe. They are honest and when they make a mistake, they admit it and move on, ready for the next challenge.

Passion- This quality is very important to me. I want to hear people talk about why they love what they do and how I can do what I am passionate about. Whatever their cause is, they can make you feel a part of it and that you want to join with them on their cause.

Tell me, what are qualities you look for in men and women who inspire you? Do your heroes and heroines have similar traits, or do you have a different list. I would love to hear it!

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