When it comes to art, stretch yourself.

An Artists hands

After I had painted that evening

If you have been exploring my Librarium, you may know that I spent some time training to become an artist.

Please know, I do not consider in any standing with the greats like Leonardo Da Vinci, Joel Pollack, or Vincent Van Gough. It is quite the opposite actually. I do not even consider myself an artist who does painting, drawing, sculpting, or anything of the sort.

I know that my paintings are below average, not even standing on novice level. If an art critic was to criticize my painting, he or she might call them elementary, rookie, or benign.

The truth of the matter is, that critic would correct. I know that on this blog I am very harsh of critics, but when it comes to my paintings, they would be completely justified in calling my artwork all kinds of pretentious, snarky things. I wouldn’t even care, but they should show some back-bone and say it to my face.

You might be asking, “Jacob, you know you are bad. Why do you paint?”

The answer is, I wanted to stretch myself. I am writer, first and foremost. I am an artisan of the written word. I long to be a writer like my heroes Andrew Klavan, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Brandilyn Collins, Mark Twain, Mary Shelley, Edgar Rice Burroughs, Frank Peretti, and beyond.

Though my art is the written word, I have explored poetry, painting, sketching, crafts, music, and even filming because I want to have the experience of being in a different artist shoes. It fuels my creativity.

Painting was a fantastic experience and while I am largely finished with that experiment, I stand by my art, not because of I think it beautiful in the sense of a Monet, but beautiful in the sense that it was something that stretched my imagination in very interesting ways.

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