Classic Film Review- The Gambler Wore A Gun




Back in the days of good ol’ fashioned was this gem: The Gambler Wore A Gun directed by Edward L. Cahn in 1961.

The story goes that retiring gambler Case Silverthorn has bought a ranch through the mail. He discovers the local Marshal, a survivor of an ambush, and find Mr. Donovan, the very man he bought the ranch from, lynched. When he gets to town, the children of the victim do not know of the sale and do not wish to sale it. Little do they know, the ranch hands are running a cattle rustling ring through the ranch. They plan to frame the Silverthorn with the help of his gun, a unique caliber that is virtually unknown in the town.

This was a great shoot-em-up film. The acting is great as is the storytelling. I’m surprised this film has not worked its way into some sort of “Best Western” list. Maybe I’ll make my own and add it.

Case Silverthorne: How could you know all along?
Marshal Dex Harwood: Three of Diamonds. Tray Larkin, Diamond D. I got it.
Case Silverthorne: You know, Marshal, you’re a natural-born gambler the way you read cards.



  • Jim Davis as Case Silverthorne
  • Merry Anders as Sharon Donovan
  • Mark Allen as Marshal Dex Harwood
  • Addison Richards as Doc Devlin
  • Robert Anderson  as Tray Larkin
  • Don Dorrell as Jud Donovan
  • Charles Cane as Kelly Barnum
  • Keith Richards as Het Larkin
  • John Craig as Rebe Larkin
  • Joe McGuinn as Hastings
  • Jack Kenney as Bartender

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