Graphic Novel Review- Batman: Two-Face/Scarecrow Year One

Batman Two-Face/Scarecrow Year One combines two stories for one interesting paperback graphic novel. In the Two-Face portion, it dives deeper into the origin for Harvey Dent’s transition into a villain from The Long Halloween. In Part 2, Batman tracks down Jonathan Crane, who has developed a fear gas for the purpose of blackmail and revenge.

Two-Face Year One- Mark Sable writes with Jesús Saíz and Jeremy Haun providing the artwork. It goes into greater details of Harvey Dent’s transition into the crime lord known as Two-Face. After being scared by Sal Maroni, Dent falls deeper into the tragedy and soon he begins a campaign to get his old job back as district attorney with the help of several Arkham Asylum inmates. It is an engaging and an interesting take. It is also has a cameo from the Penny Plunderer.

Scarecrow Year One- Bruce Jones writes with Sean Gordon Murphy doing the artwork. Jonathan Crane has become the Scarecrow. As he goes after the people who scared him for life, he flashbacks to his past where he lived with his great grandmother who tortured him as a child. Meanwhile, Batman and Robin are after the mysterious murderer that is haunting Gotham City. As the Dark Knight and Boy Wonder track Crane down, he continues his spree of torturing his victims with his iconic fear gas. This story is one of the best origins for Scarecrow.

Both of these stories are engaging and well worth your time. The artwork and the writing bring both stories to life for origins of two of Batman’s greatest villains.

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