My Favorite Iron Man Armors

There is no end to the great armor that have come from Marvel Comics Golden Avenger Iron Man aka Tony Stark. While there are too many armors to name in one post, but there are a few that truly stick out. So check out my favorite Iron Man armors. 

Thorbuster- Sometimes, even allies have to be taken down. Iron Man developed this suit based on the Asgardian Armor. It gave him the ability to go punch for punch with Thor the Prince of Thunder. 

Thorbuster Iron Man

The Silver Centurion- There is a lot of comic book history with this costume. So much so, it even got a cameo in Iron Man 2 and the show Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes

Silver Centurion Iron Man

Stealth Armor- This one has had various redesigns throughout the years, but it has been a prominent part of Tony Stark’s crime fighting. 

Iron Man Stealth

The First Armor- This is a part of Iron Man’s origin. It has been featured in virtually all Iron Man media and without, Tony Stark would not be the hero today. 

gray Iron Man armor

War Machine- Designed for his friend Rhodey, this is a walking arsenal. Aside from the usual lasers and flight, it has some pretty big guns. Rhodey even wore it in his own comic book series. 

Iron Man War Machine

Retro- During the Heroes Return story-line, Tony Stark got back to basics with this design. His company had just been taken over and he started a new company Stark Solutions. 

Iron Man retro

Neo Classic- This more rounded armor was a huge part of Iron Man’s history. He wore during his time as a founding Avenger and beyond. He later used it to fight Norman Osborn’s Iron Patriot during the Siege story-line.

Iron Man Neo Classic

Asgardian- This suit mixes magic and science to form an armor that worked well when fighting the enemies of Asgard. It served as the basis for the Thorbuster armor. 

Asgardian Iron Man

Hydro- Need to take an underwater dip to battle enemies like Attuma or in some cases, Namor? That is what this armor was designed for. No rhyme intended. 

Iron Man Hydro

Iron Spider- Used by Peter Parker during the Civil War story-line, this armor was controversial in nature. Though Iron Man tried to remove it from Parker, Peter actually outsmarted the billionaire genius. 

Iron Spider Iron Man

Gold- This armor got Tony Stark the nickname The Golden Avengers, he used it when he founded the Avengers and even earlier, to battle the Gray Hulk as shown in Hulk: Gray.

Iron man gold

Extremis- When Stark merged with the technology known as Extremis, this gave him greater speed and greater control over his armor. 

Iron Man Extremis

Hulkbuster- Tony Stark has upgraded and used this time and time again. Hulk made short work of it during World War Hulk, but its fame got it a fight scene in Avengers: Age of Ultron

Iron Man Hulkbuster

Modular- For awhile, this was Tony Stark’s most popular armor. It even appeared as his primary armor in Fox Kid’s Iron Man The Animated Series. Though it has since been retired, many fans still remember it. 

Modular Armor Iron Man

Promethium- When Marvel rebooted several of its franchises after the Onslaught Saga, Tony Stark was one to make it to the Heroes Reborn. This was his armor. It has since passed into comic book history, but it remains one of my favorite armors.

Heroes Reborn Iron Man Promethium

Those are some of my favorite Iron Man armors. Did I miss any of yours? Feel free to comment below and be sure to subscribe for more articles like this one. 

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