Graphic Novel Review- Ant-Man Season 1

Ant-Man Season 1

Famous comic book writer Tom DeFalco and artist Moracio Domingues team-up to create a new origin for Henry “Hank” Pym in Ant-Man Season One

After his wife dies in a terrorist attack, Henry Pym has been in a sanitarium trying to get over his survivor’s guilt, but his father gets him out so he can go to work for Egghead Innovations. 

While there, he begins creating his Pym Particles in what he thinks is secret, but Elihas Starr, owner of Egghead Innovations, gets a lead on Hank Pym and makes a play to steal them. This forces Pym to become the Ant-Man, using technology developed by his late wife. He must stop Elihas Starr, who Pym suspects had his wife murdered. However, Starr seems to be one step ahead of Pym at every turn.

Tom DeFalco proves once again why he is the one of the best comic book writers of all time. Ant-Man was never really one of my favorite heroes until the film, but DeFlaco gives him a great origin and made him feel connected. Throw in Moracio Domingues’ amazing artwork and you got a pretty good graphic novel. 

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