Documentary Review- Patterns of Evidence: Exodus

patterns of evidence exodus

Directed by Tim Mahoney and narrated by Kevin Sorbo, Patterns of Evidence: Exodus tells Mahoney’s story of how secular archaeologists deny the historicity of the story of the Exodus from the Bible book of the same name. 

Mahoney discusses how the denial of the story of Moses caused him to have a crisis of faith, but after doing more research, there is actual more to it than that. After examining the archaeological evidence, he comes to the conclusion that the Exodus might have happened decades earlier than the time of Rameses as portrayed in popular films and scientific books. 

It is a compelling argument and one that is made very well. He goes though the history of the archaeological studies of Exodus and interviews people who support the story and those who do not. You hear great arguments from both side and especially from those who think the Exodus happened earlier than the time of Rameses. 

Check out this documentary. You will learn something from it and be sure to subscribe for more movie reviews like this one.

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