Moral Revolution on 50 Shades of Grey

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I thought that this was appropriate for Valentine’s Day. February 14th should be about men and women who are pursuing each other. They walk in love and purity. Everything about them can be discovered in romantic love and intimacy, not abuse, stalking, manipulation, and pain.

If someone treats you this way, seek help immediately.

To women, don’t let a man abuse and manipulate you or beat you into what he wants. Find someone who cares for you and treats you like the most important person in the whole world. Likewise, don’t abuse and manipulate your man. Instead, let him love you for the strong independent woman you are and should be.

To men, treat women with love and respect. Be a man of honor and nobility. Be genuinely interested in her personality and the things she cares about. Beating, stalking, abusing, and manipulating a woman is not good. Be the loving man. Also, avoid women who claim they want that. Don’t let them change you. Be the strong independent man you are and should be.


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