Being Married Year One

I’ve been married for a year and a week. My super cute wife and I had an amazing first year anniversary trip! For all of you couples that are about to get married or considering marriage, here is what I want to say:

Married life is great! Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. There will be naysayers coming from ever which way telling you that you’re “too young” “too old” “not right timing” yada yada yada! As long as you love one another, just go for it. Do your wedding how YALL want to and don’t let anyone else knock you down. Oh, you’ll have to make tough choices because of prices, but do it your way. Everything else will come through. It is YOUR wedding, no one else’s. Read lots of books on marriage with your fiancee and get advise from non-naysayer married friends. My wife and did that and it helped prepare us a lot. If you want some marriage book titles, comment below and I will share them. Go for it, marriage is an adventure just waiting to happen.

One thought on “Being Married Year One

  1. Congratulations on one year. A must see video, and an important lesson to learn now Jake, is that sometimes your wife will just want you to listen. You will be tempted to fix the problem, but trust me, it won’t work (don’t despair…it is just part of being a man). Study this video carefully and you will have a happy marriage. Also read together, if you haven’t already, The Five Love Languages by Dr.Gary Chapman.

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