‘Daredevil: Dark Nights’ Graphic Novel Review

Daredevil: Dark Nights is a Marvel Comics graphic novel that collects three different story-arcs from the Man Without Fear’s series. It gathers issues 1-8 from the 2014 run.

“Angels Unaware” is written by Lee Weeks with art from Sergio Cariello and Tom Palmer. It tells the story of a blizzard that is encompassing New York City. An injured Daredevil has to trudge through the thick snow to save a heart that is meant for a dying girl, but some criminals have heard the Man Without Fear is coming and they want his head. This is followed by “A Man Named Buggit” which involves Daredevil chasing down a tiny villain as the Avengers battle a monster in the city. Finally, “In The Name Of The King,” Daredevil and Misty Knight team-up to stop a brutal crime lord from murdering a witness who can lock up his brother.

“Angels Unaware” and “In The Name Of The King” are the hearts of these stories. While the former explores a darker tale of Daredevil trying to protect an innocent little girl, the latter explores a team-up with another awesome character Misty Knight. It is written by Jimmy Palmiotti and drawn by Thony Silas. It was more of an action thriller, but it was actually fun. I also really enjoyed how they handed Misty Knight. She is one cool character and they did a good job of bringing chemistry with her relationship with Matt Murdock.

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