Top 10 Favorite Classic DC Talk Songs

dc talk

DC Talk is listed in the Encyclopedia of Contemporary Christian Music as “the most popular overtly Christian act of all time.” TobyMac, Michael Tait, and Kevin Max brought together one of the most incredible triple threat bands of all time. They were not defined by single genre. They encompassed rap, R&B, hard rock, pop, and even hip hop. Their music defined the nineties for a whole generation of Christians. Though they are on hiatus, their music continues to inspire. Here is my list of Top 10 Favorite Classic DC Talk Songs.

10. We Three Kings– From their Christmas album, this song breaks tradition and gives a rock feel to the holidays.

09. Heavenbound– From their first self-titled album, this song got airplay on secular networks including BET.

08. Jesus Is Just Alright– Though originally by the Doobie Brothers, this song was featured on the album Free At Last and made it to number one on the CCM Billboards for 34 weeks.

07. I Luv Rap Music– From Nu Thang, this song was about TobyMac’s love for the rap genre and how he uses it for Christ’s glory.

06. My Friend (So Long)– From Supernatural, this song is about watching a friend fall away from the faith.

05. Colored People– From Jesus Freak, this song talks about racial healing and coming together as one person under God.

04. Into Jesus– On Supernatural, this song is about their passion for Jesus Christ.

03. She’s That Kind Of Girl– From the album, Free At Last, it speaks to young men about treating a girl like a lady and also finding a godly woman.

02. Between You And Me– This single is about confronting someone who had wronged you and not letting your anger get the best of you.

01. Jesus Freak– From the album of the same name, this song defined an era of people standing up for their faith and expressing it through song. Check out the music video below:

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