Movie Review- The Giver

Set in the year 2048, after a series of wars, the Community (that was left behind) decides to get ride of race, art, emotions, and have erased everyone’s memories of the life before the war. That is except for one person: The Receiver of Memories.

A young boy named Jonas is chosen to be the new Receiver and he meets his predecessor who is now called The Giver.

As Jonas experiences joy, happiness, and even loss, he begins to question the lack of emotions in his community and begins to not take his “medicine” that prevents him from feeling them. As emotions begin to surface, he experiences love and even hope. He realizes how much his community does not value life and he begins to make plans to change the course of history.

Philip Noyce directed the film superbly and critics have derided him for not staying faithful to the book by Lois Lowry (I have not read it). I found the film to be slow at first, but then it picks up steam. It was quite enjoyable and has a great message. Jeff Bridges steals the show as The Giver, a part he envisioned for his father Lloyd Bridges (Airplane!). It was a great film and one that everyone should check out.

Brenton Thwaites as Jonas
Jeff Bridges as The Giver
Meryl Streep as The Chief Elder
Cameron Monaghan as Asher
Alexander Skarsgård as Jonas’s father
Katie Holmes as Jonas’s mother
Emma Tremblay as Lilly
Odeya Rush as Fiona
Taylor Swift as Rosemary


  1. I just watched this movie last night! I have been trying to watch it for a couple of days now, but kept falling asleep.

      • I liked it. I read the book whenever I was in junior high, but did not really understand it at that time. I thought the movie was good and followed the book pretty closely from what I remember.

      • I liked it! I thought it was really good, but I need to go back and read the book again to figure out what all I forgot!

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