Top 10 Favorite Classic Newsboys Songs

Runner1928/Wikimedia Commons

The newsboys are one of my favorite contemporary Christian music bands. They defined a genre and inspired a generation of musical groups from their very first widely released album Read All About It. From the early days of lead singer John James to Peter Furler, the newsboys have always been unafraid to challenge the status quo of Christian music. This list takes from songs produced prior to Furler’s retirement as front-man. Here is my list of top 10 favorite newsboys songs.

10. Stay Strong– An all new bonus track on The Greatest Hits, this is an encouraging song for hard times.

09. Something Beautiful– From the album Go, it is beautiful and compassionate.

08. Breakfast– From Take Me To Your Leader, this song reminds us that ‘they don’t serve breakfast in hell.’

07. Lost The Sky Again– From Going Public, this one is about the Rapture and how we can’t know the hour or time.

06. Million Pieces– Probably one of three good songs on Thrive.

05. Love Liberty Disco– Breaking from the pop rock genre, this song is about Heaven and the glories of live there from the Love Liberty Disco album.

04. Entertaining Angels– With a bizarre music video, this song from Step Up To The Microphone is about coming back to Jesus Christ.

03. The Way We Roll– Featured on In The Hands Of Gods, it is the final album to feature Phil Joel on bass.

02. Not Ashamed– From the album of the same name, this song began a beautiful partnership with Christian lyricist Steve Taylor and put the band from down under on the map.

01. Shine– This song about being a light for Christ is a classic. Everyone has heard it at least once. No one can deny it.

Check out the music video for Shine below:

HONORABLE MENTIONS: Stand Up For Jesus (Hell Is For Wimps), Israel (Boys Will Be Boyz), Beautiful Sound (Love Liberty Disco), Joy (Shine: The Hits), Spirit Thing (Going Public), Elle G. (Going Public), Wherever We Go (Go), Adoration (Adoration), In The Belly Of The Whale (The Greatest Hits), and God Is Not A Secret (Read All About It).

Enjoy what you see? Check out my Throwback Thursday article 14 Christian Songs We Will Not Forget. Comment below if I missed any of your favorite newsboys songs. Don’t forget to like, share, and subscribe for more musical posts like this one.

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