Documentary Review- America: Imagine The World Without Her

01 America

I want to first get out of the way that I know Dinesh D’Souza (the producer and narrator of this documentary) did plead guilty of a crime and is serving his sentence. That being said, I still am going to review this feature film.

Dinesh takes us through the charges against America: colonialism, racism, and so much more as he interviews those from both a Liberal and Conservative point of view. Congressmen and women, Senators, Presidents, both Republicans and Democrats are scrutinized as he takes us on this journey through America’s heartland and helps see what it would look like.

He shows us known figures like Frederick Douglass and Abraham Lincoln, but also little known pioneers of industry like Madam CJ Walker, the first self-made millionaire in the United States. Despite the fact that Saul Alinsky and his students (like Hilary Clinton) attempts to remake America, we can beat them the knowledge that America is not just good, it’s great.

While the left has already been hard at work to criticize his perception of US history, he does a good job of countering the left-wing revisionist history that has been reshaping our education standards. He shows that while, yes, the United States of America has made mistakes, it is still a place where you can rise from the ashes of our mistakes to become a great nation.

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