Book Review- When Heaven Invades Earth For Teens

Following the success of Bill Johnson’s popular book When Heaven Invades Earth came the devotional version, the updated version, Spanish version, and now the teen version. 

I was very glad to see When Heaven Invades Earth For Teens (co-authored with Mike Seth). While Bethel Church in Redding, California has a plethora of books for adults and kids, their teenager section could use some advancement. 

This teen edition of Pastor Bill’s hit book is very good. The chapters share the same information, but are broken down with testimonies of teenagers doing the miraculous for Jesus. It is awesome to hear about young people doing the work Christ told us to do: heal the sick, take of widows and orphans, and tell other about Jesus. This is a great book for teens who are wondering if God is still around today. 

I believe that God still does miracles and healings, but also that we should tell the next generation that they can do it too. This is the perfect book for that kind of thing! I highly recommend that you pick it up at your local bookstore. 

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