Top Films Rescued From Development Volume 2

Development Limbo is where good scripts go to be buried if they cannot find funding or a script keeps getting rewritten. Some never see the light of day, but others can finally come to fruition. You read Volume 1 of top films rescued from Development Limbo, now here are another ten for you to look over.

The Pink Panther remake- After Peter Sellers died, there were two attempts to revitalize The Pink Panther film franchise with film director Blake Edwards. Neither panned out. A remake (not a reboot) was planned, but it kept being shelved due to lack of interest. It was finally made in 2006 with Steven Martin as Inspector Clouseau.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory- A more direct adaption of the book by Ronald Dahl was planned. He hated the first adaption starring Gene Wilder. A remake was put on hold for years before Mr. Dahl relented and it was made in 2005 starring Johnny Depp as Willy Wonka and Tim Burton directing. He hated that one as well.

Hulk- An adaption of the Marvel superhero remained in development limbo from the 1990s until Ang Lee’s box office failure came along. A reboot was made later to fit into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. After Disney purchased Marvel Comics, they’ve tried to get the franchising rights to Hulk from Paramount with little success.

Grown Ups- The comedy starring Adam Sandler, Chris Rock, David Spade, Rob Schneider, and Kevin James was suppose to be made in the late 1990s with Chris Farley starring in James’ place. After Farley’s death, it was put on hold before finally coming to life in 2010.

The Fighter- The boxing movie starring Mark Wahlberg started development in 2005. However, several delays caused the film to be stalled. Wahlberg trained in boxing for several years intent on playing the role. The film was finally made in 2009 with Christian Bale and Amy Adams co-starring.

RoboCop remake- Film company began development of a new RoboCop series in 2005 and even hired a director. However, the original director left and several more attached to the project left before the film was finally made in 2014 directed by José Padilha.

Patton- The biopic of the famous World War II General had been planned since 1953 with John Wayne originally slate to star. Unfortunately, studio politics kept that from happening and it was planned to be released later with Burt Lancaster cast. However, the Patton family objected to certain things in the film. It was finally released in 1973 with George C. Scott playing General George Patton.

Last Holiday- This comedy film about a person diagnosed with a deadly disease was originally suppose to made in 1985 with John Candy starring. However, after Candy’s death, it was put on hold indefinitely. It was finally revisited and rewritten in 2006 with Queen Latifah in the starring role.

Inception- Christopher Nolan started work on the science fiction film in 2000, but was unsatisfied with the script he had made. Wanting it to be perfect, he delayed it to work on The Dark Knight trilogy. He was finally satisfied with it several years later and it came to theaters in 2010.

The Croods- John Cleese wrote the script “Croods Awakening” and envisioned the film as claymation. However, his dream was never realized. The script ended up on the desk on the executives at DreamWorks. They developed it as a CGI animation in 2013. Chris Sanders directed it.

That’s my list of favorite films rescued from Development Limbo. Did I miss any? Feel free to comment. Be sure to like and subscribe.

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