Just Imagine FIGHT: Shazam VS Goku

Guess what! It is time for the newest edition of Just Imagine Fight(s)! These are epic duels between two famous fictional characters. They can be from comic books, Saturday morning cartoons, anime or video games. They would normally never crossover, but on this blog, they will meet and fight. I calculate the advantages and disadvantages of each fighter, utilizing their skill, experience, and the equipment they have on their person. After that, I determine who would win based on their abilities, giving you an explanation.

Our first contestant is the kid with the magic word, Shazam (Billy Batson). He’s a DC Comics icon and member of the Justice League. Though he is a child, when he utters the word, “Shazam,” he transforms into a powerful superhero. His opponent, the equally childlike Goku, from Dragon Ball Z. He is a Martial Artists who can channel his energy for all kinds of power-up.

Shazam, the superhero formerly known as Captain Marvel:

Advantages- Wisdom of Solomon, Strength of Hercules, Stamina of Atlas, Power of Zeus, Courage of Achilles, and the Speed of Mercury. He can also teleport himself

Disadvantages- He is impulsive and often makes decisions on the fly instead of planning ahead.

Goku, the leader of the Z Fighters:

Advantages– Extreme Martial Arts skills, Super strength, Flight, Energy channeling, Instant Transmission (teleporting), continual enhancement

Disadvantages– Childlike personality, constant need to fight, not serious

Winner: Goku

While Shazam has magic capabilities and a great deal of strength, he is stuck and cannot increase his abilities. Goku on the other hand continually grows and trains to reach new level of power. While Shazam would be able to fight Super Saiyan 1 and 2, as soon as Goku reached Super Saiyan 3, the match would be over. Even if Shazam somehow managed to create a magic lightning bolt powerful enough to beat SS3 Goku, the mighty Saiyan would immediately go to level 4, ending the match.

What do you think? Who do you think would win this epic fight? Anyone else you would like to see do battle? Let me know in the comments below. While you are at it, check out Plutonian VS Icon. Don’t forget to like, share, and subscribe for more posts like this one.

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This article has been updated from a previous version.

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