Just Imagine FIGHT: Plutonian VS Icon

Are you ready for the newest edition of Just Imagine Fight(s)? These are epic battles between two famous fictional characters that can be from comic books, Saturday morning cartoons, anime or video games. They would normally never crossover, but on this blog, they will meet. I determine the advantages and disadvantages to each fighter, utilizing their skill, experience, and the equipment they have on their person. After that, I calculate who would win based on their abilities, giving you an explanation.

For today’s epic battle, please welcome Boom Studios favorite hero-turned-villain Plutonian. He’s got all of the powers of Superman, minus the morality. He’s downright vicious and a powerful being to boot. His opponent, Icon. He started out as a Milestone Media comic book character before entering the DC Comics. He got his most significant appearance in the hit TV series Young Justice.

Plutonian, the Irredeemable:

Advantages- He has nearly unlimited strength, heat vision, super speed, healing factor, and flight.

Disadvantages- He is emotionally unstable and prone to acts of childish rage.

Icon, Shadow Cabinet:

Advantages- He has superhuman strength, energy blasts, super speed, stamina, and flight.

Disadvantages- He has a rigid approach to life, making him less imaginative in battle and somewhat predictable.

Winner: Icon

Though the contestants do seem somewhat equal, Icon does have one solid advantage: his energy manipulation. Plutonian seems to have an aversion to certain energy abilities as is shown in his comic book series. Icon has several energy-based powers and that would give him an edge against the rage-prone opponent.

What do you think? Who do you think would win this epic fight? Anyone else you would like to see do battle? Let me know in the comments below. While you are at it, check out Snake-Eyes VS Grendel. Don’t forget to like, share, and subscribe for more posts like this one.

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