Top 25 Christian Inspiration Books to Read 2014


In 2012, I brought you Top 20, in 2013 an updated list with an extra 5, and now, here is a good group of books to read for 2014. These will inspire you!

Born To Create- Brought to you by the artist Theresa Dedmon, who is changing the landscape of creativity, this book explains the knowledge that we are all creative. It will change your life.

Blessing Your Spirit- This is a 30-day devotional from Sylvia Plath and John Gunther. It helps you through a process of looking inside yourself for doubt, pity, etc. It helps you find the healing that is necessary for those things.

Spirit Wars- Kris Vallotton explores how the devil will come against your spirit, especially when you are getting ready for something big. He gives his testimony and shares insight into doing battle in the spirit with the power of Jesus.

Today Matters- John Maxwell helps us understand the depth of taking what we have right now, today in our own hands and turning it into something great. He shows us how we can be the best we can be.

Me, Myself, & Bob- Phil Vischer, co-creator of VeggieTales (and the voice of Bob the Tomato), gives the heart wrenching story of Big Idea Productions and how at one time, his dreams were shattered, but God helped him to restore them. Part-biography, part-lesson, Phil definitely brings his story his life.

Captivating– What Wild At Heart does for men, this book by John and Stasi Eldredge does for women. I have read the book and it cleared up a lot of misinformation I had. It is masterfully written.

Face to Face With GodBill Johnson brings us another hit that will change your life if you just take the time to read. It is about how to seek prayer time and encounters with God in some not-so-ordinary ways.

UnboundJack Frost (author of Experiencing Father’s Embrace) began this book shortly before his passing in 2006. His wife Trisha Frost finished and had it published after his death. It is a harrowing book of how to be set free from past hurts and to stop transferring past hurts onto your present life.

A Practical Guide To Evangelism- Supernaturally– Pastor and evangelist Chris Overstreet brings us a way to incorporate Holy Spirit into spreading the gospel. It is simple, easy to read, and perfect for training teams.

Secrets in Dreams and VisionsPerry Stone and Fred Stone co-author this book that is less a dream dictionary, and more of a general overview of dreams and visions and how to properly interpret them and understand them. It is an excellent resource!

Love & WarJohn and Stasi Eldredge do it again in this book that helps you realize the fundamentals about marriage and how to approach things in a mature manner.

The Risk FactorKevin and Chad Dedmon bring together a co-written and co-experience book all about taking risk for Jesus and seeing Him come through for us on the other side.

The Blessed LifeRobert Morris of Gateway Church brings us an excellent book on tithing and generous giving. He does not promote an over emphasize prosperity Gospel, but one that does show that God wants you to bless people, so He can bless you.

The Problem of Pain CS Lewis brings us an excellent resource on how to settle the idea of suffering and aguish for the hearts of minds of Christians. It is a great read and full of knowledge and wisdom.

Encountering God Through Dance– Originally titled The Dancing Bride, my friend and colleague Saara Taina (whom I proudly served with during my intern year at Bethel Church in Redding, CA) brings us a great book on an almost forgotten form of worship in the church world today.

City On Our Knees- Artist, writer, poet, and musician Tobymac brings us an incredible book of testimonies with the title from one of his most powerful songs. It is a book that has short details of the lives of people who have gone the distance for the Gospel.

When Heaven Invades Earth- The book by Bill Johnson that started it all, this book gives us details on how to bring Heaven to Earth. It talks about living for Jesus in a whole new way and how to partner with Holy Spirit.

Destined To ReignJoseph Prince, a pastor in Singapore, brings us a great book on what it means to claim your destiny and to experience the love of Christ in a loving way outside of the law, but into grace.

Victorious Mindset– This is a great book by Steve Backlund. He gives us an excellent devotional with great Biblical insight on how to reset our thinking from defeat to victory.

The Artisan Soul– Pastor, author, and film-maker Erwin McManus brings us an expose of ideas that cultivate and bring out the creativity that Holy Spirit has placed inside of all of us. He speaks of a coming Jesus Renaissance in the art world. I have no doubts.

Crazy LoveFrancis Chen brings us an awesome look at what it is like to love and be loved by God our Father, and what it also means to bring that love out and into the world that we live in.

The Supernatural Power of Forgiveness Jason and Kris Vallotton bring us a great book that deals with the complicated nature of pain and how, as a believer, God will work on us to see us restored.

The Case for FaithLee Strobel does it again in his book on faith and why it matters for today. Be sure to also check out the documentary that accompanies the book!

Be Filled With The SpiritDr. Doyle Jones is the former missions director at Southwestern Assembly of God University and the leader of Doyle Jones Ministries. He has written an awesome book about Holy Spirit and how to be filled with His power.

An Unstoppable Force– This book by Erwin McManus is a great read on becoming a fully apostolic and innovative church that God wants to be. He gives us details about stepping into the love Jesus has and bringing it to the world.

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