Movie Review- Blade: Trinity

Taking on his second feature film as director, David S. Goyer helms the final installment of the Marvel Comics vampire hunter franchise with Blade: Trinity. When it comes to superhero films, I am usually an adept defender against unfair criticism from the Hollywood elitist critics. However, for this film, we agree on this movie just being terrible.

Blade (Wesley Snipes) is lured into a trap by a group of vampires who blow his cover wide open. The FBI, led by Agent Ray Cumberland (James Remar), lead a raid on Blade’s hideout and in the process, his mentor Abraham Whistler (Kris Kristofferson) is killed. Blade decides to allow himself to be locked up, but he is rescued by Abraham’s daughter Abigail Whistler (Jessica Biel) and Hannibal King (Ryan Reynolds). The two of them lead a group of vampire hunters who are trying to stop Drake (Dominic Purcell), the original Dracula in his new form. He and a gang of vampires want to purge their weaknesses in order to conquer humanity.

This movie’s plot has so much potential, but it is unrealized in the hands of Goyer. He directs it like a b-level horror flick, but without all of the charm or interest. The movie mashes along from one scene to another lacking any sign of cohesion or synergy that the first film had or the imagination of the second movie.

The film’s troubled history is well documented. Snipes and Goyer notoriously bickered over the direction of the movie, prompting several heated arguments leading to Snipes delivering post-it notes to the director and Goyer using a body double for the wide shots. Honestly, Snipes was not that missed. His performance, along with Biel and Purcell, who, at the time, was the worst possible pick for Dracula. He had no seductive power, charisma, and just lugged along in the film trying to look scary… and failing.

The one tiny light of interest is Ryan Reynolds. His acting skills and comedic timing add some flair, but unfortunately, not enough to save the flick.

FAVORITE QUOTE: The truth is, it started with Blade, and it ended with him. The rest of us were just along for the ride.

PARENTAL CONCERNS: Violence, Gore, Strong Foul language

Check out the trailer below:

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