Robin: Best to Worst

01 RedRobinTodd

If you’ve heard of Batman, you’ve heard of Robin. He’s the Watson to Sherlock, and so much more. A lot of people do not realize that there have been more than one. Yes, indeed. Officially, there have been four according to the New 52, but pre-New 52, there were five. I’m going to rank these five from best to worst. I’m not doing Elseworlds, just ones that have been official sidekicks to Batman. 

1. Tim Drake Wayne (pictured)- He is the third Robin, but he stands out as the best. The New 52 made him more of punk, but prior to that, even Batman said, “he could surpass me.” Since then, he has been called Red Robin. 

2. Richard ‘Dick’ Grayson– He has since grown up and has become a hero in his own right: Nightwing, but he was the original and the first to be called Robin. For a time, he served as the Batman.

3.  Damian Wayne– He was the fifth Robin and Batman’s own son by Talia, Ra’s al Ghul’s daughter. Damian was more of a soldier than sidekick, but he could kick some serious butt. 

4. Jason Todd– He was a hothead and a punk, but before he died and came back as the Red Hood, Jason was a good Robin who served the Dark Knight well.

5. Stephanie Brown– Originally called the Spoiler, her time as Robin is no longer considered canon, but she made some mistakes that almost cost her life. For a time, she served as Batgirl, but has since returned to her role as the costume vigilante Spoiler.


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